Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stardoll couture by Etana and gkmktk!

Hey guys! You've most likely seen these girl's faces on the blog before - there outfits are ranking right up there with bluegreen86 and n1mka4eva! They layer with DIY items, statement clothing pieces - everything they could find!!! I absolutely LOVE them! Check out gkmktk and Etana by clicking HERE and HERE! love, Gwen

Friday, February 18, 2011

Louis Vuitton Makeup tip!

Hey guys!

I saw this print ad in my new Teen Vogue issue, and I LOVED it!
Sorry there hasn't been a post for a while - many school projects and rehersels!

The total for this look is around 37 stardollars - and she looks AHMAZING! I used the dark brown shade stick, black eye pencil, white eye shadow, orange blush and volumizing mascara from DOT. I used the light brown streaks in Doree to get a shinier look!
And makeup tip requests?
Leave a comment!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black Swan Inspired Outfits by Stardoll's Fashion Icons

Hey guys! Long time no post! So all the hype on the stardoll blogs now is about the new movie Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman. I saw the movie, and it was AH-MAZING! So now people have been inspiring outfits, suites, medolls, and more on the costumes from this movie! So today I have pictures of 2 of stardoll's fashion icons, Kasia (UndaMyUmbrellla click HERE to visit her) and Mel (bluegreen86 click HERE to visit her) as the black swan and the white swan. I have also posted pictures of the original outfits. Check em out - and I recommend you see the movie! love, Gwen