Friday, August 27, 2010

Stardoll and the City

...don't you just love that banner of mine? Lol, juuust kidding guys, i'm not self-centered like most make me out to be. Any who, this isn't my personal blog so i'm not gonna write all about me here. What i am going to write about is the new Stardoll and the City shop in the Starplaza. Obviously, the title is derived from the famed series and now film[s] Sex and the City. How do you guys feel about the items? And talk about those prices. I'd say if you aren't wealthy on Stardoll, that shop is gonna be a hard one to collect on if you're like me and you try to get all items in the shop before it disappears. I'm down to 9 bucks, and i didn't even buy the entire place out. If i can't afford it, i can't afford it. They're very gorgeous items anyway. Click the tribute photo to get to the shop itself. And preview what the items look like below the tribute photo!

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Preview of Items:

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