Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting to know the NEWBIE

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Hey guys! I want to start off by saying Thank You to the owner for letting me join this wonderful blog!

A little bit about me

My name is Alicia. I was born and raised in Dallas,TX. I'm the oldest of 3 siblings. My birthday is May 12, 1992. I've already graduated High School and now will be attending college in January 2011! To peruse my dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer. I am very dedicated to what I do and ofcourse obsess over Fashion. In real life I have won best dress at my school. I have also been a finalist in a pageant. But wasn't able to attend the Finals because I had to go through surgery. Nothing major just need to get an infection removed. I'm happy that I have graduated and succeeded in all of my goals!

Me on Stardoll

I love stardoll. Who doesn't LOL I have almost won covergirl 3 or 4 times. I have won National Covergirl 3 times! Came 3rd place on album winner last year and have been top broadcaster many times. I love to collect DKNY I almost have the complete First season DKNY. I just recently bought the MKA white fur jacket (which I have been searching for a long time to buy) I have 2 clubs one is Bestest.Suites which has over 5,000 members and the other I just started is Royal.Castle which is for Non-Superstars only! You are welcome to join them!

I'm excited to be apart of this blog. I hope you love my postings!


P.S. This beautiful banner was made by my BF Ruaninha A.K.A Ruana