Monday, September 6, 2010

Double threat by the girls of USD! Mairin?

Hey ladies!

I found these two wonderful outfits made by two of the owners of the famous stardoll blog underneath stardoll.

M_Themis has a wonderful vintage look with the white accented by beautiful pastels of her .marcela.. dress, which i am a huge fan of- see my suite, you'll know what i mean :).
The fur coat and victorian blouse is STUNNING!

Mirka_17 has a great modern/military look going with a bold red and coveted .marcela.. rose dress! I love the black spikey shoulder pads- and hot touch thats contrast is a slap in the face! Her choice of nude heels was wonderful as it did not offset the dress in any way.

And finally, i am pretty sure that they were all dressed up for .marcela..'s dress party. I know Gwen was invited, and i'm sure my other fellow lovely lady writers were too! I am disapointed to say that i was not invited to the party *sob*tears* and since it is happening today, i guess i will not be attending. It hurts that i bought 6+ pieces of her collection and nobody thought to invite me. I guess i am still a low down, dirty mess. Well, congrats to those who were invited. I hope you have fun!

xoxo and tears,